Bill Reed & Regenerative Thinking

some practical philosophy for our environmental crisis

It might be the case that I’ve watched this video more than any other in the history of YouTube. I watch it a few times a year to refresh my mind and stay rooted in the type of thinking that I enjoy most.

I met Bill during the last semester of college and over the course of a few months he entirely changed the course of my life. Or like, that’s one way to tell the story. The more honest version is that I’d been on my own journey toward this type of pattern-oriented or relational thinking for a few year at that point but didn’t know how to articulate it. Bill gave me some words to start.

This is a deeply wise video that goes through our environmental crisis with a positive vision for how we might begin to heal the Earth, focused more on restructuring our goals and problematization than on solutions to the unstated normative problem that has emerged from popular culture that involves CO2 as the antagonist and regulation as the means.

This video challenges notions of wilderness, of care, of facilitation, and in some cases of reality itself. At this point I’ve probably watched it 15 or 20 times and I still get things out of it with each re-listen. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in more check out the Regenesis Group’s website, or the work of Carol Sanford or Ethan Roland for more business-oriented applications of actual regenerative thinking.